The Singers of Summerville appreciate and rely upon your financial support to continue providing local singers and audiences the experience of great choral music they might never encounter otherwise. Your generous contributions at concerts and as Business Partners or Individual Sponsors make a tremendous difference in our ability to continue our musical seasons.

Whatever the size of your gift, rest assured every cent goes to support our choral music programs. Your gift makes a difference -- but as costs continue to rise, fund raising efforts are especially important.

How to Make a Gift

We are an IRS approved 501(C)(3) status organization so your contributions and donations will be considered tax deductible within the limits of the law. We hope you enjoy our performances and will continue to encourage the Singers to provide great music within our community through your support. Here are some of the different ways you can make a contribution to us:

         Make an on-line donation using Pay Pal or Debit/Credit Card

         Become a Business Partner or Individual Sponsor 

         Mail a check to our Vice President for Fundraising

         Double the value of your gift; Ask your employer
to match your contribution 

         Approach your company for a concert sponsorship 

If you've been blessed with the ability to be generous, we ask that you make a contribution so you can benefit from our 501(C)(3) tax deductible status while at the same time supporting the cause of great choral music. We will provide you with a record of your contribution or donation for tax purposes as requested.